F1 Manager 2023 - Profile of Timmigrant Racing
NEXT RACE: 2024-04-21

Chinese GP Shanghai

Pitlane closes in:   DAYS HOURS MIN. SEC.
Closure date & time: 2024-04-20 09:00:00 GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam)

Timmigrant Racing

Real name Tim
Age: **
Registered since: 2016-02-17
Country Canada
Karma 50
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1st Driver

Photo of N. Hulkenberg
N. Hulkenberg
2nd Driver

Photo of L. Sargeant
L. Sargeant

Photo of McLaren

Photo of Haas (Ferrari)
Haas (Ferrari)

Owned leagues


Vancouver F1 Fans 1

Only Rule is Don't Hide your Team!

Members: 12 | Owner: Timmigrant Racing

Joined leagues


F1 world league championship 3

For the obstinate

Members: 138 | Owner: DoomF1

Overall ranking

Grand Prix Points Position
Bahrain GP Sakhir Bahrain GP Sakhir 2 78
Saudi Arabia GP Saudi Arabia GP 5 4
Australian GP Australian GP 17 120
Japanese GP Suzuka Japanese GP Suzuka 37 21