F1 Manager 2023 - Frequently Asked Questions
NEXT RACE: 2024-05-19

Italian GP Imola

Pitlane closes in: 0 DAYS 0 HOURS 0 MIN. 0 SEC.
Closure date & time: 2024-05-18 16:00:00 GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam)

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 Questions:

Category Question Views
Team questions What does the pole time do? 902
Game questions What are the points and money per race? 726
Team questions How do I change my team? 85
Team questions Can I change my team as often as I want? 77
Team questions Why can't I buy the top drivers or equipment? 68

Latest 5 questions:

Category Question Views
General questions Pole time in case of disqualifications or penalties 51
General questions What is the 'karma' thing in my profile? 52
Game questions What happens when penalties are given after qualify or race? 40
Team questions What does the pole time do? 902
General questions I found a bug what should I do? 20