F1 Manager 2020 - F.A.Q. What happens when penalties are given after qualify or race?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when penalties are given after qualify or race?

Occasionaly the stewards apply penalties after the qualification or the race.

Qualification penalties:
When a penalty is given this usually means the driver is further down the grid than he qualified. In such cases you only get the points for where the driver was on the grid. We award the points to the drivers grid position and not its qualification position.

Race penalties
When race penalties occur after we update the scores we try todo a rollback and re-award the points. In case of a rollback we reset the scores you got from the last race and roll back your team to what it was at that race. This undo's any team changes you made after the race and you will need to re-apply these changes. (if that is still possible with your updated points/budget).

We can only do so before the next race is held, in case penalties are applied very late and after a subsequent race is already held we will not update the scores.