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Austrian GP Spielberg

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Closure date & time: 2019-06-29 15:00:00 GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam)

AngeloGPF1 lite

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Photo of M. Verstappen
M. Verstappen
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K. Räikkönen

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Alfa Romeo Racing

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Alfa Romeo (Ferrari)

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Grand Prix Points Position
Australian GP Albert park Australian GP Albert park 46 325
Bahrain GP Sakhir Bahrain GP Sakhir 34 389
Chinese GP Shanghai Chinese GP Shanghai 9 493
European GP Baku European GP Baku 17 293
Spanish GP Barcelona Spanish GP Barcelona 25 437
Monaco GP Monte carlo Monaco GP Monte carlo 29 431
Canadian GP Montreal Canadian GP Montreal 22 285
French GP Paul Ricard French GP Paul Ricard 62 135