F1 Manager 2021 - Profile of Redbat
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Saudi Arabian GP

Pitlane closes in:   DAYS HOURS MIN. SEC.
Closure date & time: 2021-12-04 18:00:00 GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam)


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Age: **
Registered since: 2021-08-04
Country Australia
Karma 50
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L. Norris
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G, Russel

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Rokit Williams

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Williams (Mercedes)

Owned leagues


Fast 1

Go fast to win the race

Members: 1 | Owner: Redbat

Joined leagues


2021 FIA F1 World Championship 17

The League for Experts

Members: 56 | Owner: GP Ltd.

Aggretsuko Racing League 2021 45

Lets the Raging Races begin


Super Racing F1 2017 49


Members: 305 | Owner: Raden F1

Flat Out Always 29

The League for Going Flat Out Always

Members: 94 | Owner: GP Ltd.

Overall ranking

Grand Prix Points Position
Belgian GP Spa-Francorchamps Belgian GP Spa-Francorchamps 132 1780
Dutch GP Zandvoort Dutch GP Zandvoort 2 1780
Italian GP Monza Italian GP Monza 59 1777
Russian GP Sochi Russian GP Sochi 86 1753
Turkish GP Turkish GP 18 1749
US GP Austin US GP Austin 14 1744
Mexican GP Mexico City Mexican GP Mexico City 2 1745
Brazilian GP Interlagos Brazilian GP Interlagos 12 1745
Qatar GP Qatar GP 16 1756